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Rangler Portable Corral

Rawhide Portable Corral

One person can set up the Rangler Portable Corral in about ten minutes ready to contain 150-400 head of cattle without lifting a panel. The self contained system easily pulls down the highway at the speed limit and fits thru any gate your pickup will. Works on extremely uneven terrain. Over 20 different corral configurations are possible. Wheels on each panel and a electric over hydraulic jack eliminate lifting and saves time. Includes frame gates for sorting. Patent pending.
Rawhide Portable Corral
  • Self contained power unit
  • 4 man pass gates
  • Largest capacity corral
  • 12v charging plug
  • No lifting (hydraulic jacks)
  • Panels made of 2" round
  • Solid rubber wheels on panels, no flats!
  • 2-bow gates for sorting
  • Built in alleyway
Portable Tub & Alley--Pro
The Pro-system offers more versatility with the 10" neck access doors and the sheeted sides lowered down for better access to the cattle than the Standard unit. Palpation door is moved back 8', a side exit gate, and no-back bars are welded into the sides of the panels. The entire alley is still adjustable and the Foremost Model 30 manual or A-25 automatic headgate can be unpinned and swung out of your way if necessary.
Portable Working Equipment
Portable 10' Tub & Alley
Portable 10' Tub & Alley

The Linn Post & Pipe, Inc. portable tub & alley can be pulled at legal speed limits, both wheels and front hitch can be easily unpinned and set off to the side out of your way. The 28' over all length and 7' width (folded up) make it easy to get in and out of the tightest places.


The Linn Post & Pipe, Inc portable tub & alley features a 10' tub and a 18' adjustable alleyway that is set up in minutes and ready to work cattle. One no-back is included and a palpation door built right in for easy access behind the chute. A 12' heavy duty panel w/3' walk-thru gate built in so the tub operator has easy access to the front of the alley or chute from the tub without having to go over or around any panels. A side exit gate is also included on the opposite side of the tub entrance so the alleway can be shut off and cattle sorted out of the side of the tub. The rear tub panel folds out so the unit can be unfolded while still on the wheels and be backed into place. Built with a 2-1/2 sq pipe frame and six bar heavy duty side panels, this unit will be the best built and handiest portable tub & alley on the market and provide you with many years of reliable service.

Please specify left or right hand adjustable when ordering.

Portable 10' Tub & Alley

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