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Do It All With A Cannonball

Cannonball Bale Bed That Dumps

The Bale Bed That Dumps

  • Lift any load, any size, round square, wide or narrow bales, or two bales together. Load as you go. Lift capacity is 2,850 lbs.
  • Control arms individually for side shifting and better bale movement. Unload or fill ring feeders from tough angles. Safely adjust an unbalanced load. When it come to end-to-end bales, no problem!
  • Reduce hay loss while enjoying the ease of a free-float arm system. Bales maintain contact with the ground over all terrains, to prevent skips and thick blankets.
  • Real handy for dumping. Dump bales on the go. Dump capacity is 6,000 lbs.
  • No need to jack trailers. Lift your Cannonball with the ball in the bed to the bottom of the window. Raise or lower the trailer's stand and be on your way. Handle heavy trailers fast.
Cannonball Bale Bed
Cannonball Bale Bed
Cannonball Bale Bed
  • 3" x 4" arms with 2,850 lb. lift capacity
  • Patented hydraulic bale/dump bed with 6,000 lb. dump rating
  • 30,000 lb. (2-5/16") rated hitch ball
  • Independent arm action
  • Automatic free-float bale unrolling
  • Widest arm travel - 3'6" to 9'6" on a dual wheel truck
  • Lifts two 4' round bales side-by-side
  • Lifts an 8' square bale end-to-end
  • Unique locking valve to secure arms in position
  • Valve equipped for power beyond
  • 2 x 6 arm cylinders to generate big bale squeeze
  • Electric over hydraulic power standard
  • Fast and easy trailer hookup (no need to jack)
  • Smooth floor with component access (no door hinges)
  • H-frame stabilizer
  • Decreased stress behind the cab
  • Heavy duty bent tube louvered headache rack (2' x 4' x 3/16")
  • Reverse lights
  • 3/4" drop hitch
  • Docking bumpers
  • Tie down rings
  • Mud flaps
  • Two year limited warranty
Six Bed Sizes:


84" cab to axle, dual rear wheels
60" cab to axle, dual rear wheels
60" cab to axle, single rear wheels
56" cab to axle, single rear wheels
56" cab to axle, dual rear wheels
42" cab to axle, single rear wheels

Engine driven or live PTO hydraulic units
55 watt halogen work lights
Additional stop/turn lights in headache rack
6" side boards
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